CSF Updates

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Farewell-CSF trainees graduation

CSF will be holding its bi-monthly graduation ceremony in 2 weeks at the craft Silicon foundation office in Westlands.The ceremony will see 500 trainees graduate in a colorful ceremony organized by the foundation.

The current class has been on training for the last 10 weeks. It has indeed taken determination from this group of students to carry on with the training to this far; defying all odds to achieve the best in a wanting environment.
As the foundation bids them farewell and welcomes the new class, we urge the graduates to endeavor to put the skills gained from our programme into practice for the benefit of the society. Farewell.

CSF ICT training for the youth

Craft Silicon Foundation programme has its focus on ICT education and training for youth living in six slum areas of Nairobi. The program me seeks to empower communities through ICT skills.A training that will propel them to self reliance through application of the knowledge and skills gained.
The foundation aspires to have an ICT literate Kenya by the year 2030 in line with Kenya’s economic blue print- Vision 2030.


Meeting market demand

The Kenyan market has in the recent past witnessed tremendous growth in design. This has directly given rise to young creative professionals who have cut out their niche in this market. 
In a bid to get ahead of competition, companies have taken design as the sole marketing tool in reaching consumers. Today, a look at traditional products depict a totally new look- making it a task for consumers to recognize their product taste. Take the new packaging on Mumias Sugar product for instance. If it were not for the words ‘Mumias Sugar’; one would pass it for an additional product range.
Glancing at this market, Craft Silicon Foundation is proud of the young designers, currently undergoing training at the IT center in Westlands.  Armed with the right skills and going for their dreams, the trainees feel at ease-stopping at nothing to contend with professionals in a market that identifies one by creativity.
 ‘It’s nothing near what I had thought it to be. The market is tough, strict deadlines, no second chances... Your first shot has to be the best. Nevertheless, this is life, I had to adjust…. besides, nothing comes easy. I will press on, this is my gateway to success,’ comments one graduate.

 It is such determination and positive attitude from the trainees that gives the foundation hope and the desire to help more students. ‘We are happy of the success of the project. The response we get is what inspires us. We will push on to ensure a computer literate Kenya. We need to empower more Kenyans to be self reliant, this is our goal ’ adds the foundation project manager.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craft Silicon Foundation-a friend in need

 Clearing high school is the pride of every high school student. I remember with nostalgia my high school days. With expectation we looked forward to the last day of our K.C.S.E examination. Indeed that would mark our last days in high school.

Mmmmm…….our four years in school were filled with memories. Recollections that I now laugh about as I share with friends-the punishment we endured, the morning preps, the horrible food in the dining hall, the morning assembly…..however, what stands out in my reminiscences is the dreams we had, the desire to pursue our education further and become prominent professionals in the nation. Regrettably, not all of us made it. Now several years on, I meet my mates, some still struggling to make that dream into a reality while others have altogether give up on them.
This is a story told far too many times. A story of young Kenyans who get through high school, pregnant with dreams only to give them up on the way. Not because they will, but due to prevailing circumstances. But what happens when ones envisioned dreams go up in smoke? When that you desired to be is no more and the much you can do is watch your mates walk past you in life? People you shared much in common, those who could not match you in academic excellence?
Regina Nduku is one such person. She knows much of how it feels to lose hope in life.  Like any other girl her age, her dream was to join college and take up a career of her choice.  Clearing high school was one step she had taken, in millions other she would need towards her success in life. Nothing would deter this young courageous girl. ‘The future is bright’, she thought. Truly, coming from Kibera slums, defying all odds to make it in life was a sign of better things to come. Sadly for her, life is not made of roses.
The reality of not furthering her education due to lack of school fees, came knocking. All was shuttered before her very eyes. She would never access college education, let alone secure a white color job. In any case, what skills did she have to gain access to any office?
As they say, all hope is never lost. In her low moments, Regina heard of  Craft  Silicon Foundation from a friend; a foundation that provides   free  computer education  and training  to students  who  have cleared high school. Being her only opportunity, she seized it and enrolled for the program. The rest is now history.
 In her testimony she says, ‘the program is God sent. I can clearly see the future for me, and anyone undergoing the training.’ She is not alone, Morgan Mayonga, who graduated in 2008 from Jamuhuri High school, confidently asserts, ‘I know the knowledge I have acquired will help me in the future.’

Such is the testimonies of young men and women, whose dreams have been renewed by a noble project from Craft Silicon Foundation.the foundation, with support from Craft Silicon limited an affiliate, purchased a bus fitted with computers in a class room model, to be used for computer education. This was for the need to give youth who would have otherwise not have had the opportunity, a chance to access basic IT education. Today, the foundation boosts of 1,500 youth who have been empowered to have a better life and pursue their dreams.
The foundation owes its success to well wishers and the Kenyan public. More so to the communities that have welcomed us and gladly sent their children to be part of the project. It is in this light, that the foundation is broadening its reach and coming closer to those in the rural areas.
 Currently, we are fundraising to purchase for additional fleet to be sent to 20 counties. The project will be accomplished in 3 phases starting January, 2012. It is our hope that together we will ensure an ICT literate society and willingly join hands for this noble cause.
Lets us empower more of Regina and Morgan, to reach their dreams.