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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meeting market demand

The Kenyan market has in the recent past witnessed tremendous growth in design. This has directly given rise to young creative professionals who have cut out their niche in this market. 
In a bid to get ahead of competition, companies have taken design as the sole marketing tool in reaching consumers. Today, a look at traditional products depict a totally new look- making it a task for consumers to recognize their product taste. Take the new packaging on Mumias Sugar product for instance. If it were not for the words ‘Mumias Sugar’; one would pass it for an additional product range.
Glancing at this market, Craft Silicon Foundation is proud of the young designers, currently undergoing training at the IT center in Westlands.  Armed with the right skills and going for their dreams, the trainees feel at ease-stopping at nothing to contend with professionals in a market that identifies one by creativity.
 ‘It’s nothing near what I had thought it to be. The market is tough, strict deadlines, no second chances... Your first shot has to be the best. Nevertheless, this is life, I had to adjust…. besides, nothing comes easy. I will press on, this is my gateway to success,’ comments one graduate.

 It is such determination and positive attitude from the trainees that gives the foundation hope and the desire to help more students. ‘We are happy of the success of the project. The response we get is what inspires us. We will push on to ensure a computer literate Kenya. We need to empower more Kenyans to be self reliant, this is our goal ’ adds the foundation project manager.


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